Carlson Select Suite

Carlson Select Suite

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Carlson produces a complete suite of solutions for land development professionals across the disciplines of drafting, land surveying, engineering design, and construction estimating.

You can pick and save between two to six modules to fit your specific project job requirements. The eligible modules are Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, CADnet, and Point Cloud Basic.


A productive and intuitive survey solution complete with SurvNET Network Least Squares and drivers to connect to essentially every manufacturer’s proprietary hardware and software. Carlson Survey is the #1 office software solution for land surveyors in the United States and maintains global recognition. 


Provides the most robust automation and ease-of-use of any civil design solution available today, and dynamic updating without a single custom object. Carlson Civil’s wide selection of power tools enable users to increase their productivity as they create better road, site, and subdivision designs in less time. 


A comprehensive, yet easy-to-master hydrologic and hydraulic software solution that works simply in commonly used CAD environment of polylines, text, and layers. Carlson Hydrology provides site drainage and runoff analysis, plus storm drain system design and drafting, and pond design and sizing.


Provides tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and more, Carlson GIS is a swiss army knife for the surveyor or civil engineer.


Allows users to create CAD documents from non-CAD documents such as PDFs, raster images, paper plans, generate CAD text from raster images, and to import or export BIM models into CAD.

Point Cloud Basic

Works with cloud data, whether from drone, scanner or LIDAR in the familiar Carlson environment to create points, breaklines, surfaces, and other CAD deliverables for the production of a typical site plan.

Important: This is a new end user perpetual license. If you are a current Carlson software user, please contact us to discuss renewal options.