Carlson Listen Listen
Carlson Listen Listen

Carlson Listen Listen

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License Options:New License for Base & Rover GPS - Annual subscription

Carlson Listen-Listen is a cloud-based subscription service, which sends RTK corrections to your base and rover via cellular networks. 

Traditional UHF radios in most parts of the world are limited to 0.5 watt or 1 watt power output, which gives 1-2 mi single baseline range at best. With no restriction on data format or communication range, Listen-Listen works up to 20 mi baselines.

Listen Listen eliminates traditional DOT, NTRIP, CORS, and VRS networks, and shores up Hrms & Vrms results, so you do not have to worry about interference from other rovers on your private network.

Both easy-to-use and configurable with Carlson SurvCE or SurvPC field data collection software, Listen-Listen requires inputting just one 4-digit port number at the base and one 4-digit port number at the rover. There are no extensive parameters required, unlike UHF communication.

Listen-Listen requires an internet connection at the base and rover. SIM cards are the recommended solution to facilitate internet connectivity and reliability. Fixed or static IP address SIMs are not required. In addition, multiple rovers can simultaneously connect to a single base using Listen-Listen.

Listen-Listen service is exclusively designed for Carlson BRx6+, BRx7, and RTk5 GNSS receivers. No other OEM GPS receivers are compatible.

Note: The Listen Listen NTRIP subscription option can be utilized with most RTK-capable drones to facilitate RTK corrections from your base GNSS receiver to your RTK drone.